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Value Chain Business Model Sitemap

Specializing in business process modeling and business process management, the Value Chain Group provides a value chain business model and facilitates effective value chain communication by creating a unified business process framework and reference model - the Value Reference model (VRM). The mission of Value Chain Group is to excel in value chain performance through market, education, research, communication and collaboration.

Value chain Business Model Offered by Value Chain Group

Value Reference Model

The Value Chain Group will continually develop the value chain business model for keeping the integration of business processes, coordinating the development and marketing of any constituent reference models, and providing a central point to establish architecture and coordinate compliance of standards integration across all enterprise value chain constituent domains. To improve your business process management, become a member of the Value Chain Group. The benefits of becoming a member include the right to access and use the Value Reference model (VRM) within your organization and a client server access to the ValuePoint database which manages the VRM framework.



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