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Business people subscribe to the VCG to learn about the Business Process Transformation Framework and to access VCG's Transformation Lifecycle and Continuous Improvement knowledge. Here is more information about our offerings:
PathFinder Workshop
The PathFinder Workshop is designed to teach business people the power of the VCG’s Business Process Transformation Framework which enables best in class business process management initiatives within industry. You will learn the basics and be shown how to incorporate the Transformation Lifecycle and Integrated Continuous Improvement Methodology for your company, or practice. 
There are five PathFinder Workshop Sessions that are delivered virtually, or face to face to the public on a regular basis. See our events calendar for details. Contact VCG to schedule your private on-site Path Finder Workshop delivered to your team in two days. All PathFinder participants are eligible for Level 1 Certification.
Transformation Ideation & Planning - Guided Application
VCG works with the Transformation Team to establish key elements of the Framework for the Company. This work not only educates the Team on BPTF, but provides a working diagnostic of the Company’s strategic direction and demonstrates the power of the Framework. VCG will provide a certified Framework Architect and a certified Continuous Improvement Specialist to:
  • Establish the transformation office governance charter.
  • Define roles and responsibilities within the office and the rest of the Company.  
  • Establish the Company’s Value System.
  • Set up and execute the Priority Dimension exercise.
  • Create the Strategic Value Card containing key KPI’s.
  • Identify the Company Domains & Value Streams.
  • Take one example Value Stream design template and fully thread all dependent Inputs/Outputs.
  • Provide Transformation Roadmap based on Value Stream example.
  • Create a Project Charter for Transformation Execution.
VCG provides the methods, techniques and tools, subject matter expertise and detailed advice on how to apply BPTF to a value stream example with complete scope of Transformation Ideation & Planning; from corporate strategy to transformation roadmap to project charter via a team oriented project. All work is done within a dedicated portal and can be used for further Transformation projects. All Transformation participants are eligible for Level 2 Certification.
Discovery Workshop
A 2-day on-site customized presentation delivered by a VCG certified Methodologist/Analyst  and a VCG certified Model/Framework Architect. Clients are encouraged to provide business area of interest as a focal point.
Value Chain Project
VCG owns a wealth of process capture information in our own configurable ValueScape database. This highly detailed content is available to companies who wish to obtain a fully defined best in class process design template and then customize it for their line of business. This offering combines the best in class value chain knowledge with our proven methodology customized to client scope. Deliverables include the transformation roadmap (priority dimensions, ValueCards, process designs, change plans) and project charters via a thorough final report.
Business Process Transformation Office
On the client's behalf the VCG can manage the business process transformation framework for any number of value streams over an extended period of time. For companies with the framework in place, the BPTO supports framework integrity through the course of technology integration.  
BPTF Certification
VCG provides practicable certification in both BPTF and ICIM. Contact Value Chain Group for details.
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