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What VCG Is – The Value Chain Group is a subscription based trade consortium that offers its supporters standardized business process reference dictionaries containing fully connected inputs/outputs, aligned performance metrics and industry best/next practices based upon a comprehensive information model: the Business Process Transformation Framework (BPTF).

The VCG offers an educational regimen to support businesses who seek to improve agility, innovation and intelligent response to changing conditions in a global environment.
The standard BPTF promotes consensus and helps drive continuous improvement and transformation of processes with unprecedented precision and velocity.

VCG Benefits – The Corporate Membership entitles you and all others from your company who sign onto the website with the benefits established by the VCG. This includes the right to access and use the Value Reference Models (VRMs), Methodology Tools/Materials, the VCG Content Library and access to the VCG Community. 

VCG provides its subscribers the opportunity to access or attend comprehensive education, training and professional certification programs, as well as access to a network of tool providers, integrators and consultants to support your immediate needs for transformation Adoption, Ideation, Planning, Execution and Optimization.

Your membership includes full access to VCG's Body of Knowledge: Adoption Engine, Standard Reference Models, Transformation Accelerators, Enabling Content, Methodology, Training/Certification, Transformation Information Model Roadmap, White Papers and Use Case Reports.

All members can join and contribute to Technical and Enabling development projects. Your Corporate Membership Subscription to the VCG will remain active as long as your annual dues are paid.

Membership Is Based On Annual Gross Revenue US$

For more information or to join VCG please contact: 

Ajay Sondhi, VP, Services

+647 784 1344


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