Value Chain Business Process Transformation Framework

The Value Chain Group, in collaboration with its subscribing members, defines, deploys and maintains the Business Process Transformation Framework: a robust library of business process reference dictionaries, value chain models and continuous improvement methods contained in a unified business framework architecture. The BPTF is a proven framework in use within numerous companies' extended enterprise value chains.
The standard value chain framework aligns people, business process and technology capabilities to accelerate complex and often painful transformations into high-performance enterprise. This alignment promotes consensus between the value chain partners and helps them implement highly differentiated business models (click here to view BPTF Framework Structure).
The value chain framework facilitates fast and very accurate assessment of most optimal implementation approaches to various business strategies and tactical improvement scenarios. It also maximizes reuse of existing operational processes and IT portfolio. This ultimately establishes a disciplined and repetitive approach to making crucial investment decisions and changes in organization design, operational processes and information technology with minimal risks and maximal returns of those investments.
The Business Process Transformation Framework (BPTF) is based on three dimensions:
Business Building Blocks
The basic business functional elements (a.k.a. capabilities or competencies) that are needed to perform value added activities within the value chain. They are connected into value streams and process flows which comprise the value chain segmentation (click for more content).
Value Chain Segmentation
A set of fully connected value streams, process flows and activity flows (a.k.a. end-to-end processes) that deliver value added outputs required to meet or exceed expectations of all value chain stakeholders. Activity flows, process flows and sometime entire value streams must undergo transformation in order for a company to continually improve performance (click for more content).
Continuous Improvement Programs
Action plans that can be executed in a given timeframe to migrate the company from one value chain design to another within the scope of transformation (click for more content).
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